RxJS 6 Patterns with Angular Material: Refresh Button

RxJS + Angular + Material

In this article, we’ll be looking at a very simple RxJS 6 pattern that allows us to easily refresh data coming from REST APIs (or any other async data source).

In Angular, we’ll be using a service to handle most of the work, including the data fetching and the refresh logic.

Let’s look at a mock service that we’ll be using to fetch some data from a REST API.

export class MockService {

  refresh$ = new ReplaySubject(1);
  data$: Observable<SomeDataType>;

  constructor(private http: HttpClient) {


    this.data$ = this.refresh$.pipe(
      switchMap(() => this.getData()),

  refresh() {

  // This one could also be private
  getData(): Observable<SomeDataType> {
    return this.http.get<SomeDataType>(`url`);

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RxJS 6 Patterns with Angular Material: Confirmation Dialog

RxJS + Angular + Material


This basic pattern applies to RxJS 6 in combination with Angular Material. However, it can be applied to any other environment that supports RxJS 6, as long as you have an observable-based dialog implementation.

Desired behaviour

  1. A user clicks on a button
  2. A confirmation dialog is shown
  3. If the user confirms, an action is performed

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SASS-only Material Angular Palette generator

SASS Material Angular Palette Generator

With my job, I often need to replicate projects from a template based on Angular Material. When I do that, one of the first things that I usually need to change is the color scheme.

Angular Material’s color scheme is defined by two palettes: primary and accent. These two palettes define a range of colors used by all components.

There are many tools available online to generate such palettes. My personal favourite is Material Design Color Generator (also available on GitHub). This tool includes a code generator that automatically creates a SASS list in Angular Material’s accepted format.

I based my SASS color palette generator on Mikel Bitson‘s code. This is a simple SASS translation that makes it easier to adjust colors directly from your code. 

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